Simon Jones

World Traveller, Photographer, Storyteller.


Who is Simon Jones?

I'm Simon Jones and for the last few years I've been travelling the world talking to strangers, taking photographs, collecting sounds, and hunting for stories to tell.

When I'm not on two wheels dodging traffic in far away places where roads have few rules. you'll probably find me sitting in a cafe sipping a cappuccino while tapping away at my laptop.

I'm a full-time rule bending consultant and part-time life-hacker. I'll try most anything once, though I recently instituted a policy of no longer drinking anything that begins with the letter M (with the exception of milk).

I'm not on facebook so don't waste your time looking for me there. If you're looking for me, you've found me!

Storytelling skills 76%
Exaggeration and made up shit in my stories (Sometimes you have to!)4%
Likelihood I'll lose stuff when travelling 58%
Beer drinking expertise 19%


Our jobs do not define us!

World Travels

I've travelled the world meeting locals and finding adventure in places not pictured on postcards.


I've been taking pictures since I first shot black and whites in the 80's on an old Russian Zenit B.


Our lives are made up of the stories we tell. They're how we relate to each other and the world around us.


Just a taster of recent projects.

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366 Pictures

A picture a day in 2012 & 2016

366 pictures was my personal photographic journey through 2 amazing years of my life, 2012, and 2016.

The project to find and photograph something interesting every single day was incredibly challenging but also immensely rewarding. Not only did I end up with a raft of memorable photographs, but also a slew of stories and experiences that were truly unforgettable.

Category: Photography

First year: 2012

Second year: 2016

Countries visited: 23

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5 Minutes of Somewhere

Podcast series

As a photographer I believe a good picture should be able to tell a story. However, I often feel that with pictures and video we often fail to notice the rich complexity of sound contained in any one scene.

I've recorded many sounds on my travels across the world. In this podcast series I simply play a five minute clip which gives the listener an opportunity to travel somewhere with a sense we perhaps often overlook.

Category: Sound

Format: Podcast

Launching: 2023

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Putting the world to writes

With articles dating back to 1997, 'Meanwhile' was my blog before blogging was even invented as a word. Here I wrote about whatever was on my mind from work gripes to ethical dilemmas.

The site was redesigned during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown of 2020 as a way of making the archive accessible on more devices, and simply because I wanted to practice raw coding.

Category: Words

Created: 1997

Discontinued: 2007

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Because there are always bills to pay!

Working under the name 'melt' I design and look after websites for companies and organisations across the world.

In late 2020 I rebranded the company creating two separate websites. for design and consultancy, and for privately managed web hosting.

Category: Work

Founded: 1998

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Limited edition calendar

For 2017 I produced a calendar that featured 50/50 spliced photographs by me. The pictures were presented in two halves that matched in some visual or thematic way.

Recipients of the calendar received a monthly email breaking down the stories, background, and inspiration behind the picture for that month.

Category: Photography

Created: 2016

Reissued: 2018

Updated: 2021

Format: Calendar


You can reach me at...

AUS Phone
+61 3 9005 7227
UK Phone
+44 700 580 4949
US Phone/Whatsapp
+1 503 208 4299