My name is Simon Jones and at you’ve somehow found your way to 'Meanwhile,' a site I first created to post articles I wrote. Today, it's an archive of that writing, and in some respects, it's an archive of who I was back then too. However, if you've found your way here, then you're welcome to have a look around.

Simon Jones in 2019I wrote my first 'Meanwhile' back in 1997, long before blogs or social media. I was 26 years old and excited about this new media they were calling the "World Wide Web." From my studio apartment, I created a simple website, originally called 'Meanwhile Back In Reality,' and just started adding articles whenever I felt like writing. The subjects varied from personal observations to opinions on religion and politics.

The site was simple in its design and had no pictures. It was intentionally bare, just black text on a white background. That was, in part, because the internet used to be very slow, and websites that had pictures would load slowly, but it was also because I wanted the site to be about the writing.
During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown I had time on my hands to redesign 'Meanwhile' which was looking very dated. The previous design had served for two decades, but I launched a responsive redesign to ensure compatibility across various modern devices.

In truth, my motive was to re-engage with coding, and 'Meanwhile' was the perfect canvas for this endeavor. Among my online projects, it stood as the most outdated yet deserving of an online presence.

In the process of the redesign, I took the opportunity to run a much-needed spell-check across the site. I'm dyslexic and was part of a questionable 1970s education initiative, so you may see evidence of that in my writing. Also, back when I first published 'Meanwhile,' spell-checkers weren't as good as they are today, so despite my best efforts to proofread the articles, many of them were published with numerous errors. I've fixed a lot of those errors now, but you may still find some.

I also went through the "Meanwhile" folder on my computer and found a lot of scrappy notes, emails, subject outlines, and even a couple of poems! There were a few drafts of articles I never fully finished, so I added 16 of them to the 'Unfinished Meanwhiles' list. I also published 17 previously unpublished 'Meanwhiles,' most of which were fully formed articles that I didn't publish back when they were written for various reasons.

Undoubtedly, my perspectives have evolved over time, but I've enjoyed looking back on this writing. Few people will ever read 'Meanwhile', but that doesn't matter to me. These old articles have given me a chance to go back and 'meet' my former self in a way I never could have done in the moment, and I think there's value in that. I would encourage anyone to write, not in the performative way that's so common online these days, but just for yourself and the person you will become in the future.

Below is the full list of 'Meanwhile' articles dating back to 1997. There is also a list of 'Unfinished Meanwhiles'


Thank you and goodnight : Bidding a fond farewell to 'Meanwhile.'
Daylight robbery : I propose a new 'fair' way to do daylight saving time.
The point of no return : What makes people leap to their deaths?
Two wrongs : Is it really civilized to execute people?
In binary we trust : I've embraced the reality that the internet is built on zeros and ones. Previously unpublished
All the sevens : All the numbers were aligned correctly.
Not a chance : How come God only ever gets the credit for good outcomes? Previously unpublished
Let's get this straight : Is being gay an illness?
Where is the war on gun crime? : Guns DO kill people.
The future isn't what it used to be : A new year begins!


The 94th story : Taking an opportunity to live in the moment.
Pulling the wrong strings : Has fear always been used to control us like this?
In God's house : When it comes to church, I'm a round peg in a square hole.
Tomorrow's world : Why aren't all parents mad crazy environmentalists?
Playing God : Is the battle to keep someone alive one that we should always fight?
Baby on board : A car window sticker that tells us more than it says.
Until today : A shock leaves me wondering how I can help a friend.
Assalamualaikum : Is our distrust of Islam born out of our ignorance of it?
The end of the innocence : Is innocence worthless without the experience that ends it?
Bleeding heart liberal? : History remembers what today has forgotten.
Shall we play a game? : Do we somehow have the need to fear an enemy?


2000 Dead : As the death toll in Iraq rises I wonder, is it worth it?
Strange Brew : It's beer, just beer with a strange name.
A question of nature : Is it right to ask tough questions in the wake of a disaster?
While you were sleeping : What will privacy look like as we move into a more digital world? Previously unpublished
A long way to go : Driving home when you're in no hurry to get there. Previously unpublished
Weapons of mass destruction : Examining gun ownership in the USA.
Just for the taste of it : Is Coca-Cola guilty of corporate abuse in India?
Sunday best : Selling God has always been a tought job.
Where life ends : Contemplating quality of life when it nears the end.
The message : Why do Christians use language so out-of-step with modern culture? Previously unpublished
Murder by numbers : Does owning a gun make you safer?
When the summer comes : A beautiful day, a pretty girl, a sports car, and the open road before of me. Previously unpublished
Tonight you're Irish : On St Patrick's day we can all be a little bit Irish.
Best before : Those best before dates aren't so serious, right?
I love my life : If time is currency, none of us are getting richer. Previously unpublished
Bubble trouble : When bubbles go rogue.
So long Granddad : Saying farewell and remembering my Grandfather.
This far from there : Some lyrics and a moment of appreciation. Previously unpublished


Menthol cigars : Menthol cigars! Who are we kidding?
Nice shoes : It's all about naked ladies and beer!
Long hours little pay : It's a hard life being a busker in the cold.
Save me from the saved : Is heaven is going to be anything like church?
Every spouse must go! : How comes the clock only "ticks" for single people?
Happy to be a dead man : Is it really a good idea to try and wake the dead?
Chasing secrets : Could tasting the wonders of the world be dangerous for the settled soul? Previously unpublished
India : It's a cliche to say you change when you visit India, but it might just be true. Previously unpublished
Black charities : Being confronted by racism and conflicted about my response.
This cold October day : Far from the throng of city life the sun is setting.
God's President : Does God care who runs the richest country in the world?
A much updated ruin : Looking at fame with Nick Drake in mind.
God created nudity : When did skin become so offensive?
The long way home : I'd always wanted a convertible, and now I have one!
Pearls among the pebbles : Written somewhere between the heavens and the deep blue sea. Previously unpublished
Fung Wah Bus : What if all road trips started in a shop full of cakes? Previously unpublished
Sunday's in no hurry : I'm not asleep, but I am not quite awake yet.
I don't do text : Plse dnt let txt spk be the evolutn of the wrttn wrd.
I dnt do txt : A version of the above article written in text message shorthand.
The beauty of a storm : A quick note to God.


Atomic Cafe : Sipping steamers as a cold December night draws in.
Christian porn : There's a Christian version of everything, right? Previously unpublished
Tambourine Dream : Time to gracefully retire all dreams of being a rock star.
Who could see heaven : Summer's encore leads to a spontaneous diversion.
Ikea generation : It can't be normal to get this excited about a new lounge.
Battling jetlag : If there's a magic cure for jetlag, I've yet to find it. Previously unpublished
Waving at planes : Am I the only 'grown up' who still waves at planes?
Promises : Is it really possible to make a life long promise?
Missing in action : Has the truth become a face among imposters?
Friday's song : Medical science has some terrible limitations.
Tickets please : Finding inspiration on the 16:34 to Liverpool.
The royal treatment : A trip to The Liverpool Palace cut short.
No news : If there is only bad news is it irresponsible not to be interested?
Safely home : The space Shuttle Columbia is lost on its homeward journey.
A bridge of stars : One more gadget isn't going to fulfill me is it.
One such moment : Some moments can last forever.


Red Cloud Road : Memories of a Greyhound bus ride.
Viewing pleasure : It's an old truth that there simply is too much stuff on TV.
September 11th : Coming to terms with the events of September 11th 2001.
Chicken or beef? : The joys of coach class.
California : A lot has happened in ten years.
On a bus to Seattle : My trend of writing on while in transit continues.
Get real : Are we searching for something real, or just being voyeurs?
Just good friends : Can married people have friends of the opposite sex?
A good woman : Do I have an inner camp guy?
A tourist in time : How come time goes faster as you get older.
The wrong pizza : Momentary amusement with wrong numbers.
Wonders in the deep : On loan to the nine to five life.
Controlling revelations : Is twisted truth still truth?
It's seven thirty : Killing time in an airport.


4000 miles to Christmas : Once again leaving traditions behind.
The blank page of tomorrow : Secrets and lies never revealed in diaries.
Sleeping soundly : The reality of living in an age of armchair soldiers.
Textual Positions : Are we a generation gorging on promiscuous text?
Do blondes have more fun : The common belief tell us so.
Sensible blue car : Am I becoming a sensible person?
A perfect day : Days like these are the best.
Crime Number 185624w/01 : Once more a victim of crime.
My ticket to freedom : Should I be driving a better car?
Previously on... : Recapping on the plot so far.


In 2000 I worked on various radio projects and did not write any Meanwhile articles.


Accidental citizen : I'm not a computer person!
The wind of change : Pondering a website make over.
Ayrton Senna remembered : My tribute to a Grand Prix legend.
Being different : Round pegs in square holes and the such.
Show me the money : What I hate about doing business.
REF 34973 : It's amazing how bad BT really are.
As one door closes : The joys of moving house.
All good things : Leaving my bedsit in Birkenhead.
Dark city : Misgivings about the state of the internet.


Plastic times : Is Christmas not made of the real thing?
Me and Mr. Collins : The purchase of a middle aged CD.
My America : My love of travel and adventure started here.
Losing my religion : My misguided notions about the 'browser war.'
Another night in Birkenhell : The story of Porky and the cops.
Fasten your seat belts : A look at the MicroSoft trial.
Divided we stand : The divide between the rich and poor.
The iMac : My views on the a new blue computer.
Who wants to be little? : Looking back on the days at Connect.
In the net : Football TV rights and the world cup.
On time arrival : Observing the comings and goings on the train to Liverpool. Previously unpublished
Walk among giants : I explore the city of Chicago for the first time. Previously unpublished
By the way, he's gay : Why is sexuality so important anyway?
Whether it's true or not : The tale of a mad man and his army of fools.
Splinter in my eye : Criticizing for criticizing sake.
A dog, a new trick, a possibility : 1998 F1 season preview.
What if tomorrow : Does anyone really consider the value of time?
Science fiction and the fact : Looking back at what the future used to be.


That was 1997 : Looking back on the events that were 1997.
Going home for Christmas : The 'magic' of the season of goodwill.
Ignorance or arrogance? : Getting our size into perspective.
When the autumn comes : I don't like the winter, I never have. Previously unpublished

--- The lost files ---
The lost files are old 'Meanwhiles' that I no longer have. This is due to a horrible computer problem that deleted many of the previous articles I wrote. This isn't a complete list; I only know of these ones because of an archived web page that used to link to these 'Meanwhiles' when they were stored on my website at the University of Liverpool.

19.01.98 - The Devil and the deep blue sea.
12.01.98 - Life at Thirty.
08.12.97 - For the love of God.
03.12.97 - So sue me!
24.11.97 - Reasons to hate Microsoft.
17.11.97 - Famous for two reasons.
10.11.97 - Oh to be famous.
03.11.97 - American justice?
27.10.97 - Simon Burgess, a friend remembered.
20.10.97 - The peril of the chop.
13.10.97 - Point break.
06.10.97 - To throw a Mac.
30.09.97 - The truth is out there.
22.09.97 - Topping the bill.
15.09.97 - A new arrival.
08.09.97 - Trying to forget.
01.09.97 - Death of a Princess.
26.08.97 - Being the anti geek.